The Mexican Texans and their Activities in the Early 19th Century

The history of Texas is marked by a diverse and complex array of cultures and peoples.
One of the most significant groups that played a role in shaping Texas’s early history were the Mexican Texans. This article will explore the history of the Mexican Texans and their activities in the early 19th century, including their contributions to Texas’s economy, politics, and culture.

The Adams-Onís Treaty: A Landmark Agreement in Texas History

Let’s talk about a really important agreement in Texas history called the Adams-Onís Treaty. It was signed by two countries – the United States and Spain. Do you know what a treaty is? (more…)

The Yellow Rose of Texas

The Yellow Rose of Texas is a legendary figure in Texas history, known for her beauty, bravery, and role in the Battle of San Jacinto. While there is debate over the existence of the actual woman who inspired the legend, the Yellow Rose of Texas has become an enduring symbol of Texas pride and patriotism. (more…)

The Sons of DeWitt Colony: A Proud Legacy of Texas History

The DeWitt Colony was one of the early Anglo-American settlements in Texas, founded by Green DeWitt in 1825. The colony was located in present-day Gonzales County and was one of the most successful early Texas settlements. (more…)